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We wait. We must wait. We will wait. We vs Apple with MBP in the middle.

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Apple, as any other company, is a company that strives for profit increase. In this thread, I want to give you my point of view of why we should wait for updates. I believe, it will help many people with the choice they are about to make. The reasons for waiting are pure logic, I will try to stay as scientific as possible and the area that I am concentrating on are ECONOMIC ONLY. There […]

(NVIDIA) renamed GPU

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In these days of CES, where manufacturers announce rename old graphics cards to make news, we will return in two news, the practices of manufacturers of graphics cards. NVIDIA’s finish, after AMD (formerly ATI). Surprisingly, and contrary to popular belief, NVIDIA has started playing with names that there is little time with the GeForce 9. Previously, the company was relatively honest with the names of its graphics cards, at least in the desktop versions, where […]