iPod nano – top ten list of important things you need to know

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Instead of a full on review of the Nano, I’m providing you with a short top ten list of important things you need to know:

Number 10:

The back is reflective silver, like the iPod Photo. It will scratch no matter how well you try to protect it. (Mine already has more miniscule scratches than my PSP does.) Why didn’t Apple make it brushed aluminum and be rid of scratches? If I had to guess, it would be that women like the fact that it can also be used as a mirror.

Number 9:

Unlike previous iPods, the dial button is flat. I actually prefer the rounded button of the iPod Mini to that of the Nano.

Number 8:

The front of the black Nano shows scratches and fingerprints far worse than the white Nano, which was my deciding factor for getting the white.

Number 7:

Per Apple, the Nano does not have the AV output feature that the iPod Photo does. This means you cannot connect your Nano to a TV or projector and show slides or photos.

Number 6:

The resolution on the little screen is amazing. Play the parachute game, then look closely and you will see the paratroopers tiny arms flap wildly as they plummet to the ground.

Number 5:

My Nano was handed to me in a retail bag specifically designed for it, like the one in the photo above. People will stare jealously as you walk through the mall with a huge grin on your face.

Number 4:

I was able to fit my entire library of CD’s and nearly 4000 photos and still have about a gig of free space left. (Your mileage will vary.)

Number 3:

In addition to the USB data/charging cable, headphones, and earcaps that come with the Nano, it also comes with a little plastic adapter so you can use it in your existing iPod dock.

Number 2:

Even if you think you know how small it really is, it’s still smaller.

Number 1:

It’s the sexiest MP3 and audio player to ever land on this planet, and you know you want one. I struggled for a long time about what MP3 player to get. I’m elated with the Nano – it’s absolutely incredible.

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