iPhone4 where to buy factory unlocked phone in cheap price??

아이폰 팩토리 언락버전 판매 국가 리스트와 저렴하게 구할 수 있는 국가.

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The prices of factory unlocked iPhone 4 haven’t been announced yet by
Apple. At the time of writing this post, Apple has announced iPhone 4
for five countries alone, and none of them have factory unlocked iPhone
4. Apple is expected to announce iPhone 4 in 55 more countries in July
2010 which might include countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium
etc which will definitely get legally unlocked iPhone 4 versions.

If we go by the prices of iPhone 4 in US, which are exactly same as
those for iPhone 3GS models (whose prices were reduced after the launch
of iPhone 4), we expect the cost of factory unlocked iPhone 4
in Hong Kong to be-

iPhone 4 – 16GB (factory unlocked): HK$ 5,388 i.e
USD 695 (or 570 Euro) *approx*
iPhone 4 – 32GB (factory unlocked): HK$ 6,288 i.e USD
812 (or 667 Euro) *approx*

Beside HK, Apple stores in NZ and Australia might also get iPhone 4
but at not-so-cheap prices, as the service providers are only authorized
to unlocked iPhone 4. The approximate expected prices of
iPhone 4 are

iPhone 4 16 GB (factory unlocked):
New Zealand 1,150.00 NZD = 655.033 EUR = 791 USD
Australia 879.00 AUD, 617.287 EUR, 746.991 USD
iPhone 4 32 GB (factory unlocked):
New Zealand 1,349.00 NZD, 928.172 USD, 768.422 EUR
Australia 1,040.00 AUD, 882.469 USD, 730.121 EUR

Keep a tab on this post for updates as and when official prices of
iPhone 4 factory unlocked versions are announced.

Update 1: Surprise!! surprise!! Apple has announced
unlocked iPhone 4 in UK, France and Canada at not so pleasing prices

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB in UK – £499
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB in UK – £599

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB in France – €629
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB in France – €739

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB in Canada – $649
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB in Canada – $749

KT하는 꼴을 보니 제시간에 발매하기는 어려울것 같아서 알아봤는데,
돈이 문제군.


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