MATLAB Shared Library using dll

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Sample screenshot - 
Matlab Shared Library


Some times it is
required that we build a shared library (DLL) from an m-file. M-files
are functions that are written in Matlab editor and can be used from
Matlab command prompt. In m-files, we employ Matlab built-in functions
or toolbox functions to compute something. In my past articles, I showed
you some ways to use Matlab engine (vis. API, C++ class or Matlab
engine API) for employing Matlab built-in functions, but what about
functions that we develop? How can we use them in VC? Is there any
interface? This article shows you an idea to employ your own Matlab

Shared Libraries

Shared libraries or DLLs are
files that export some functions. We can use exported functions in any
language. Here is a brief instruction to build shared libraries from
Matlab m-files:

  1. Compile your m-file into a DLL (from Matlab
    command prompt):

    mcc -t -L C -W lib:mylib -T link:lib -h <M-file> libmmfile.mlib

    -t option tells the Matlab compiler to translate the m-file to the
    target language. The -L option specifies the target language, which is
    chosen to be C. The -W option tells the Matlab compiler to build a
    wrapper for the library with the name specified by “lib:”. The -T option
    tells the compiler what stage should be reached and for what
    intentions. Here we link our application together to build a shared
    library (DLL). Specifying libmmfile.mlib tells Matlab compiler to
    link against Matlab m-file math routine.

    This step will produce mylib.dll,
    mylib.lib and mylib.h. For debugging purposes, you can
    add the -g switch to produce a DLL suitable for debugging in MSVC.

    example, I wrote my own mean function and saved it as MeanFunction.m:

    function y=MeanFunction(x)[m,n]=size(x);k=0;for i=1:n    k=k+x(i);endy=k/n;

    compiled it with mcc:

    mcc -t -L C -W lib:MeanFunctionLib -T link:lib MeanFunction.m libmmfile.mlib
  2. Create
    your project in VC. In your main CPP file, include your function header
    file and add the related library. Here I create a simple console
    application. Make sure to call initialization and termination routines
    from your code before and after of calling the m-file function.

    #include "stdafx.h"#include "matlab.h"#include "MeanFunctionLib.h"#pragma comment(lib, "libmx.lib")#pragma comment(lib, "libmatlb.lib")#pragma comment(lib, "libmat.lib")#pragma comment(lib, "libmmfile.lib")#pragma comment(lib, "MeanFunctionLib.lib")int main(int argc, char* argv[]){    mxArray* result;    mxArray* x;    double myArray[5]={10.2, 3, 6.3, 5.4, 5.9};        x=mxCreateDoubleMatrix(1, 5, mxREAL);    memcpy(mxGetPr(x), myArray, 5 * sizeof(double));    MeanFunctionLibInitialize();    result=mlfMeanfunction(x);        MeanFunctionLibTerminate();    mlfPrintMatrix(result);    mxDestroyArray(x);    mxDestroyArray(result);    return 0;}
  3. Build
    your project.

Notice that you must use Matlab C API or
Matlab C++ class library to use mxArray or mwArray. For more information, refer to my articles:



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