We wait. We must wait. We will wait. We vs Apple with MBP in the middle.

Apple, as any other company, is a company
that strives for profit increase.

In this thread, I want to give you my point of view of why we should
wait for updates. I believe, it will help many people with the choice
they are about to make.

The reasons for waiting are pure logic, I will try to stay as scientific
as possible and the area that I am concentrating on are ECONOMIC ONLY.
There will be no “Oh my God, they really should update, because I want
to!” No, everything will be clear and visible.

And your opinions are welcome. And by the way, before I start, I want to
remind you that we, the customers, are one group, and Apple, the other,
so no matter what, we should stay together on this deal for a mutual
benefit, about that in details later.

The reason we wait. The reason we must wait. The reason we will wait.
Apple vs us.

We live in a world, where, wherever there is a need for something, this
need is filled with supply. Whenever there is a need to cut digital
video, people create Premiere and Final Cut. Whenever we want to feel
clean, toilet paper gets invented and it fits the need. There are
millions of examples.

In a capitalistic world, the world we are living in today, the drive for
inventing and filling the need is purely due to profit. Filling the
biggest gap with a unique product has a very rewarding effect. Ask Bill
Gates about that.

Now, back to Apple and Mac.

What is the reason old computers lose value? Not because they are slow!
Because there is a smaller demand for them! The demand is: I want to
watch HD on my pc, I want to render fast in FCP, I want to play games
that were released recently, I want a better display, longer battery
life – whatever it is, the demand changes, and the old supply becomes
worthless, and we all know, when demand falls, the value goes the same
way with it.

**Now, let’s take a look at current Macbook Pro 15. 2,53Ghz, 250GB,
NVIDIA 9400 (no memory) and that for $1,699.00 from 2010.
**Now look at my 500 dollar craigslist 17inch, 2.4Ghz, 250GB,
Nvidia8600. from 2007.

(Note: European prices for used macs are much higher, I bought mine in
Santa Monica)

A slight drawback in overall performance. Huge leap in design, display
quality and battery.

Why was my book so cheap? Because there is a LOW demand on its design,
battery life, display quality.

Why are new ones expensive?: for the reasons mentioned above, but not
for its performance.

Do you see the problem? The demand for actual properties of what a
computer should do does not seem to affect the price a lot. The computer
must be able to calculate things, have a certain amount of work done
within a specific time period. The speed is measured in fps, seconds,
Ghz, Gb/sec, etc

People still buy this product, despite of a very old and outdated
hardware. Why? Because they do not need the computer to be fast. I am
not wrong: the demand for high speed is LOW among average macbook pro

It is fact that people buy Macbook Pro for its design, quality and maybe
reputation of Apple Products. Everyone agrees. Sale numbers agree.
Steve Job’s pockets agree. Bill Gates agrees too, in a sad way probably.

And we must agree, the performance of a laptop is no longer defined by
its performance in apps. Not in our minds, but in sale numbers. My own
opinion: I want the fastest macbook pro possible. Period.

It is fact that people buy macbook to just surf the net, write some
college papers, and never fully use their laptop.

Now more about Performance:

What’s inside of Macbook Pro, is also a result of demand and supply
structure. If its performance was neglected completely, say, Intel
Pentium II 233MMX inside, no one would buy it. But where the demands
lie, the current macbook pro can fill the gap: watch hd video
(downloaded, as there is no Blue Ray), have a word processor, and a
browser and people who truly need performance, are left out, since every
business operates on one of the premises of utilitarism
(utilitarianism): It is good, as long it is good for the majority.


Companies always look at consumers like at brainless flock of sheep that
can be manipulated in any way. But don’t you forget:

We, the people, have the power to control companies.

Simply, because we can demand.

The demand vs supply power is 50/50, unless the customer is blinded, or
the company is not doing good. Right now, Apple has a higher power over
consumers. Many reasons for this: new, groundbreaking products, the
hardware monopoly in its sphere, the design, media buzz, but I think,
these are not worth mentioning, and the thread already becomes a novel.

WHAT WE WANT: Every one, who started a thread about demanding update for
MBP, wants better insides of macbooks pro.

HOW WE CAN CHANGE IT: We know, if the demand falls, the value of a
product drops, and instead of this product, an updated version of this
very one fills the need (the demand) in order for a company to maintain
or continue to receive profit.


How we do it? Simply DO NOT BUY THE CURRENT Macbook Pro and WAIT FOR THE

You, as a customer, have responsibility to buy best possible products,
or else you do not support the idea of competition. This responsibility
of ours is inborn. We always want more for less. It is in the laws of
sociology, physics, biology – a universal rule. We want to invest less
and have higher returns. We want to do no homework and get A’s. That

Now, buying an outdated Macbook Pro, you break this responsibility, and
you make yourself responsible for something else: that there is an
outdated hardware inside the laptop.

Our choices as customers make products what they are. Without us,
Starbucks would not be Starbucks. Apple would not be Apple. The demand
sets the standards, not companies. Companies only make standards
possible, they fill the gap, the supply the demanded. We are responsible
for what quality toilet paper is in the shops. If everyone is satisfied
with with bad paper, bad paper always be in the shops.

Fellow people, let’s raise the standards, the demand for hardware, in
order to get better products.

9400M in the $1,700 version of macbook pro is a SIN! And people,
who buy a laptop with this graphic card, are reason why there is bad
graphic card inside. We cannot blame them! We are always a reason what’s
inside Macs.

But if we raise our awareness of other people, who need better graphics
card, faster processor, for the same price, we should open our hearts,
and demand from apple a product, that fits everyone. USA has always
functioned with rules of utilitarianism, but nevertheless, we have the
power to change it, to have better products, better future, and have a
friendly heart for other people, who want something more from the same

Having this power, I call you to wait for the upcoming macs.
With every choice we make, be it a vote for a new president, or be it
the choice between toothpastes, we change world. Let’s make it a
better place.

We wait. We must wait. We will wait.

Thank you!

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비단 맥북 뿐만 아니라 어디든 통용될 수 있는 글.

어느정도의 비약도 있고 비현실적인 이야기도 있지만 원론적인 입장에서 보면 충분히 수긍 가능한 이야기.

예를 들자면 현대-기아 차 라든가..


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