Nintendo wiimote C++ API

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Wiimote C++ API

reference :

1. Include Wiimote header file to current source.
   #include “Wiimote.h”

2. Link Library files in Visual Studio.



3. Create Instance of Wiimote.

   -. create Instance of Wiimote (*.h)

   wiimote wiimote;

   -. Connect Wiimote (*.cpp)

 wiimote.CallbackTriggerFlags = NO_CHANGE;
 while(!wiimote.Connect(wiimote::FIRST_AVAILABLE))  Sleep(1000);
 if(wiimote.bExtension)  wiimote.SetReportType(wiimote::IN_BUTTONS_ACCEL_IR_EXT); // no IR dots
 else            wiimote.SetReportType(wiimote::IN_BUTTONS_ACCEL_IR);     //    IR dots


4. This is an example; how to use the Acceleration?
refer to the picture – each axis of motion sensor






5. An example of using Button.(if the button has pushed, sets TRUE)

 if(wiimote.Button.Up())  g_fmY += 0.3f;
 if(wiimote.Button.Down()) g_fmY -= 0.3f;
 if(wiimote.Button.Left())   g_fmX -= 0.3f;
 if(wiimote.Button.Right())  g_fmX += 0.3f;
 if(wiimote.Button.Minus()) g_fY -= 0.3f;
 if(wiimote.Button.Plus()) g_fY += 0.3f;

 if(wiimote.Button.A()) g_fmZ -= 0.3f;
 if(wiimote.Button.B()) g_fmZ += 0.3f;

 if(wiimote.Button.Minus()) g_fY -= 0.03f;
 if(wiimote.Button.Plus()) g_fY  += 0.03f;


6. Vibration ON : True, vice versa




7. The LED indicates blue LED on Wiimote, Bit  unit. (use only Low Nibble)

  wiimote.SetLEDs(0x01);   // turn on only first LED

  wiimote.SetLEDs(0x00);   // whole LED OFF


8. Wiimote Disconnect at end of program.

// wii mote Disconnect


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